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Contributing to Friture

Bugs, feature requests, comments

If you encounter any problems while installing or running Friture, please report them on the Github Issues page.

Feature requests and other comments can be posted on Github too, or by mail at


There is not much documentation about Friture right now. You can contribute in 2 ways:


You can find the source code of Friture on GitHub. Feel free to fork the repository and try your ideas.

Friture is free and open-source, licensed under the GPLv3+.

Continous integration and deployment

Friture builds are automated with Github Actions. Packages are automatically pushed to GitHub releases each time a tag is added on the repository.


Friture is registered in the Python Package Index


Friture is mostly written in the Python programming language.

Additionally, Friture uses the following libraries:

Where performance is critical, some computing operations are specifically written in Cython, a programming language that provides C-extensions for Python.

Most graphical operations (apart from simple widgets and general application design) are performed with OpenGL (using the PyOpenGL Python bindings).

Internally, Friture is designed around a 25-ms timer that periodically allows the various widgets to update their contents for a smooth visual result. Meanwhile, the PortAudio system invokes a callback that pushes the fresh audio data to a ringbuffer that can be accessed by the widgets.