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Download Friture

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Get the latest Friture for Windows from the Microsoft Store:

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Alternatively, you can download the latest Friture installer for Windows:

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Note: this installer is not signed. Because of this, your antivirus software cannot identify who built it, and cannot evaluate our reputation, so it may block it, even though it does not contain any malware.


Get the latest Friture package for macOS:

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Get the latest Friture AppImage for Linux:

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To run the AppImage, first make it executable

$ chmod a+x {{}}

and then run it:

$ ./{{}}

See AppImage documentation for more options related to AppImages.

Other platforms

Check if Friture is available in your distribution packages. Otherwise, use the PyPI package. Some dependencies have to be manually installed. More details can be found in the install instructions.

Previous Releases

Previous releases can be downloaded on the Github Releases page.


Problems found when installing or running Friture can be reported on Github or by mail at


You can find the source code of Friture on GitHub.